Amazing Miss Grace Reviews the Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

Today, I would like to share my brilliant thoughts on the Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain.

As you all know, Henry, Henry, Curtain Arranger is not my most favorite creature on the planet. Nor am I his.

That being said, Henry turned 15 years old in April of this year. Shortly before he turned 15, he became OBSESSED with the kitchen faucet. And I mean OBSESSED. He would scream for the faucet to be turned on all day and all night. When The Translator and The Mister were trying to do anything in the kitchen that involved running water, Henry was there making an incredible pest of himself. And he can be an incredible pest, trust me.

This became a big problem because no one was getting any sleep. My internet research revealed many, many, many, many people have a similar problem. Some solve it by leaving the faucet running 24/7. Some solve it by getting up all hours of the night to give their cat fresh running water.

While a cat fountain or fancy electric water bowl seemed like a logical solution to the problem, we have tried many such items in the past. Frankly, none of us felines liked them. AND, they were an incredible pain in the butt to clean. AND, they were all from a country that has been known to use questionable and potentially harmful materials.

Sheer desperation led me to find the amazing Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

and it has been in my house for about 6 weeks.

Here is Henry drinking from the fountain. IMG_1070 IMG_1071 IMG_1072 IMG_1073 The white basin is made of top-of-the-line, Made in the USA ceramic. (Please pardon the little goober on the side of the basin. It is apparently some gross thing Henry put there. It is not part of the actual basin.)

The design is brilliant because by using simple and readily available glass vinegar bottles, which you fill with water and store in your own refrigerator, you can provide your cat (or dog) with cool, fresh water around the clock without having to drag yourself out of bed in the middle of the night.

There is also a version of the fountain that actually cools the water all by itself which is super handy for those of you living in hot climates. The fountain was shipped promptly, arrived in perfect condition and came with complete instructions for set-up, operation and cleaning. There are also complete instructions on the website and some fascinating instructional videos on YouTube.

The fountain is pretty close to silent, and of course, the running water emits negative ions into the room, an added bonus.

Mr. Barry Farris, inventor the brilliant inventor of this product and holder of over 20 issued and published patents of medical devices, is available to speak with by telephone should you have any questions. The whole set-up is a snap to clean and peace reigns, once again, in my house.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Barry Farris, for inventing such a wonderful, quality product that will surely save the sanity of many.

Please check out the website and learn why fresh, running cool water is sooooo wonderful for cats. It may someday save your sanity or the sanity of someone you know and love.

4 comments on “Amazing Miss Grace Reviews the Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain

  1. Buyer beware!!! This is a great fountain but the man who sells it is a terrible seller. He is the absolute worst. I have never had a worse experience in my life. I ordered replacement filters and he shipped them to the wrong address. I don’t know how he got the wrong address but when I asked him where my item is he suggested I go ASK THE PEOPLE LIVING AT THE WRONG ADDRESS and refused to do anything for me. He will not refund my money or ship me another item. I would have kept using this fountain for the rest of my life because I will always have cats and buying replacement parts from him, but now I will be finding another fountain to use for my kitty.

    Do not buy this fountain if you want to be able to keep using it after the first filter goes out.

    • Amazing Miss Grace is saddened you have had such a terrible experience. My fountain continues to work perfectly and do the job it was meant to do. On one reorder of filter parts, there were some missing items, but the seller immediately corrected the problem.

  2. This is the seller, Barry Farris. I have no idea who this person is and I have never treated any customer in the manner stated. All of my customers know that they can phone me with ANY problem even if the problem was with the Post Office, UPS or the customer making an error. But for the record, I only ship to the address supplied by PayPal and if the customer does not update their address we ship to the listed address.

  3. i am an extremely happy customer. I have ordered parts twice so far (filters) and have had the discussions with Mr Farris on the phone. Always a pleasure to deal with, all orders were prompt and accurately delivered.

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